Scooter’s Coffee opens its second location in Hutchinson

On a busy workday, the rumble of heavy traffic fills 30th Avenue with commuters from Hutchinson.

Justin and Jessica Gillette of Hutchinson’s Dream Bean LLC opened their second Scooter’s Coffee in town, but their fifth in the area, including locations in McPherson and Salina.

The Gillettes opened the first Scooter’s in 2019 on Plum Street and 30th Avenue but decided to continue expanding the coffee and beverage chain because residents readily accepted it and demand for Scooter’s Coffee increased.

The newest addition is located at Waldron Street and 30th Avenue, approximately 1.5 miles from the original Scooters location. Jessica Gillette stated that this was a deliberate choice.

“When considering a new location, we look very closely at traffic flow and patterns, as well as where traffic is moving, particularly during peak business hours,” Gillette explained. “We considered the fact that our other location was already quite busy during those peak hours and that we needed to provide an additional option for people to move quickly through the line.”

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