5 Single-Serve Coffee Makers That Don’t Require Pods

While coffee is an integral part of many people’s morning routines/ability to function (and it has a slew of health benefits), there are times when brewing a full pot of beans makes no sense. While single-serve coffee makers are convenient and simple to use—just pop in a pod and push a button to get a perfectly brewed cup of coffee—many of them rely on plastic pods that are bad for the environment. (PS: Less than 9% of plastic in circulation is recycled.) And, on a lighter note, the majority of them are enormous and take up a lot of counter space, which seems counterintuitive given that they only make one serving of coffee at a time.

That’s where these five more eco-friendly single-serve coffee makers come in—they offer all the convenience and ease of use you’re looking for in a personal java maker (seriously, mornings are bad enough without having to perform 534 complex steps to get your caffeine fix), but without the bulk and less-than-eco-friendly plastic pods.

Fully-Automatic Smeg Coffee Maker — $799.00
Yes, this Smeg beauty is pricey—but it’s just so damn nice to look at. Of course, it serves a purpose in addition to its aesthetics. It features a burr grinder (which experts agree is the best type to use) and produces multiple types of coffee at the touch of a button, including drip and espresso. Additionally, there is no wait time, as there is with some single-serve machines, as this one heats water instantly. It comes in three colours: black, red, and taupe. For an additional $200, there is a version that includes a steamer.

Ninja System for Hot and Cold Brewing — $200.00
You get the best of both worlds with this coffee maker: The pod-free design allows you to brew a single cup of coffee or a full pot. You can also use it to brew a variety of other beverages, such as cold brew coffee and tea.

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