Three unique iced coffee recipes to get you through the hot summer days

Coffee is a spiritual experience for many people. From the roasting of the beans to the milk selection, a well-crafted cup of coffee has become an integral part of daily life.

Whether you’re a fan of flat whites, lattes, or Americanos, there’s a brew for everyone – but for one demographic, the hype has shifted away from the hot stuff.

According to a study conducted by Allegra World Coffee Portal Research and Analysis, young coffee connoisseurs are all about the iced beverage, with 37% of people under the age of 30 consuming iced coffee on a weekly basis. Additionally, the data indicated that an increasing number of Starbucks-wielding tastemakers are opting for experimental concoctions, igniting a trend towards exotic flavours.

With the scorching summer sun beating down, now is the ideal time to whip up a refreshing and flavorful iced beverage for your next caffeine fix – and no, you do not have to be under 30. Nespresso has shared three simple iced coffee recipes that are ideal for a quick pick-me-up at home, an on-the-go refreshment, or a catch-up with a friend.

Caffesso, on the other hand, sells Nespresso-compatible capsules at a lower price point, while Allpress Espresso, a local favourite, also sells compatible pods. Additionally, supermarkets stock a variety of capsules ranging from Nescafe to Starbucks to fit any machine.

Over ice, coconut flavour
Simple – 5 minutes

With hints of coconut and vanilla, elevate your iced coffee at home.


1 Nespresso Coconut Flavour capsule served over ice, extracted as 40ml espresso
90 gramme ice (3 ice cubes)
90ml milk or chilled water of your choice

Fill a clear coffee glass halfway with ice. Directly into the glass, pour one capsule of Nespresso Coconut Flavour over ice and top with your choice of milk or chilled water. Combine well.


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