AeroPress Recipes Every Coffee Enthusiast Should Know

When it comes to manual coffee brewing, the AeroPress is on the geekier side. It lacks the artisanal credibility of pour-over, the gravitas of a Moka pot, and the time-honored reliability of a French press. Yet this small, plastic plunger-based coffee maker—originally designed to make one cup of consistently delicious coffee in one minute—is far more versatile than you might think, and more than deserves a place in the arsenal of any coffee enthusiast.

Despite its apparent simplicity, there is no one correct way to make AeroPress coffee, so we’ll go over a few recipes that have all demonstrated their durability over the last few years (or even more than a decade). And we’ve put them all to the test in our punishing testing lab (a dedicated coffee-making table tucked in the corner of the living room).

If you own an AeroPress and are unsure what to do with it, this guide will explain. And if you’re already familiar with the AeroPress, we hope you discover at least a few new recipes to spice up your morning routine.

Nota bene: To keep this list as global as possible, we’ll be using the metric system. Thus, degrees are expressed in celsius, weight is expressed in grammes, and water is expressed in millilitres.

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