‘I did a blind taste test of coffees from Starbucks, Costa, Pret and McDonald’s and the worst one shocked me’

I am unable to begin my day without coffee. A latte is my absolute favourite, but a cappuccino works just as well. I’ll even settle for black coffee if nothing else is available, but I’m not sure I’ll enjoy it.

And I’m embarrassed to admit that prior to and during the various lockdowns, I spent an absurd amount of money on takeaway lattes. To ascertain which one is the best, I decided to sample lattes from each of my primary caffeine sources: Starbucks, Pret, Costa, and McDonald’s. And, to ensure complete objectivity, I pitted the beverages against one another in a blind taste test.

The first cup of coffee. I was especially impressed with how well the froth held up after being transported home for 15 minutes and then transferred to a mug. It was decadent, creamy, and just strong enough to provide me with an afternoon boost. It also had a slight sweetness to it and was just as good as any coffee I’d brewed at home. Overall rating: 5/5

The second cup of coffee This was one of the most disappointing coffees I’ve ever had. After taking a sip of this coffee, I began to wonder if I’d accidentally made an instant. It was watery, bitter, and lacked the joy that a latte usually provides. If this were a meal, it would consist of jelly eels. Additionally, I despise jellied eels. Score total: 1/5

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