The Untold Truth Of Black Rifle Coffee Company

Black Rifle Coffee Company was founded and is fueled by military veterans. The company’s line of premium brews dates all the way back to Operation Iraqi Freedom. Evan Hafer’s dream began percolating behind enemy lines in 2003. Hafer, a former Army soldier and CIA contractor, founded a coffee company that has found itself on the front lines of business and the trenches of today’s ongoing culture wars, according to The New York Times.

Black Rifle Coffee Company, colloquially referred to as a conservative coffee company, sticks to its guns (yes, pun intended). “I am aware of who my customer is. I am aware of who I am attempting to serve coffee to. I am aware of who my customer is not “According to Hafer, The Wall Street Journal. “I am not required to be everything to everyone.”

Thus, how did Black Rifle Coffee Company evolve into the company it is today? And what’s next for this purveyor of Java? Continue reading to discover the untold story of Black Rifle, a company that supports veterans and brews coffee for the brave.

Black Rifle Coffee Company’s inception
Evan Hafer served in the Army’s Green Berets and the CIA prior to becoming a professional coffee roaster. As noted, “he meticulously roasted and packaged his own coffee beans” during his military career. Hafer served his country for over two decades, and upon his return to civilian life, he was prepared to serve coffee.

Hafer, who is typically associated with technology, founded Black Rifle Coffee Company in his garage in 2014, according to Coffee or Die. Following the lessons learned at his failed startup TwistRate, Hafer’s garage would be sending out 24,000 coffee orders over the course of a weekend within two years.

Hafer’s sales ledger shifted from famine to feast, and he was able to fulfil these monstrous orders with a single one-pound coffee roaster. It was obvious that Hafer’s coffee obsession had permeated his work, and it was clearly catching on.

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