Milwaukee is the best coffee city in the U.S., ranking finds

While we were aware that Milwaukee had some excellent coffee options, was it the best coffee city in the United States? That is unexpected.

However, according to the ranking website, Brew City is the country’s top coffee city, ahead of Portland, San Francisco, and Buffalo.

The ranking takes into account both the variety of coffee shops and the best prices. According to the website, their top 15 coffee cities have an average of 18 cafes per capita, roughly 1.4 times the average US metropolis.

Additionally, the website notes that their top 15 cities have an average cappuccino price of $4.22 and spend about 1.6 percent of their annual income on coffee. This compares to the national average of $4.47 per cup, which consumes approximately 1.9 percent of the average household income.

According to the ranking, Milwaukee is deserving of the top spot because it “best balances affordable brews with a burgeoning coffee scene.”

They note that the low cost of living in the city provides cafe owners with the “flexibility necessary to create a unique experience for cafe patrons.” Additionally, the city’s coffee scene enables newcomers to break into the speciality coffee scene, “making it America’s best coffee city,” as the ranking states.

Milwaukee residents spend approximately $926 on coffee each year, or approximately 1.5 percent of their annual income. According to, Brew City is one of five cities where the cost is less than $1,000.

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