Phoenix Coffee Shop Providing Work Opportunities for Foster Youth

Ryan Senter’s business, Hanai, focuses on raising children in a village and providing them with a sense of family. The business, which began in June 2022, offers fresh coffee to foster youth, providing hands-on job experience in various aspects of life. Senters and his wife, who are foster and adopted parents, have nine adopted children. Nearly 25% of aged-out foster youth in Arizona will become homeless. The Senterses aim to change this statistic by providing one child at a time. The company’s general manager, Savanna Kukurba, believes that the experience helps the youth become more comfortable and confident. About 30 youths will undergo the company’s work readiness program and internship to become part of the Hanai brew crew. The Senterses aim to continue brewing opportunities for a brighter tomorrow and help more foster youth succeed.

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