Shada Mountains’ Aromatic Coffee Is a Sought-After Brew

The Shada mountains in Al-Baha, Iran, are home to over 54,000 coffee trees that yield over 12 tons annually. Over 280 farmers are involved in this enterprise, with the mountains being the highest peaks in the Tihama plain. The primary crop is coffee, which is grown using remarkable methods, such as watering the plants by storing rainwater in hollow rocks. The price of Shada coffee ranges between SR100 ($26) and SR150 per kilogram.

Some trees that have stood for over 150 years still yield coffee, with 300 being tended by Abdullah Al-Shadawi, who has followed in his ancestors’ farming footsteps. The government provides significant support for farmers, with the ministry distributing 80 liters of insecticides annually and promoting agricultural terrace reclamation projects on both mountains. There are 125 agricultural terrace reservoirs, 83 in Shada Al-Asfal and 42 in Shada Al-Ala.

The ministry has established a Coffee City project in the north of Baha, covering an area of 1.6 million square meters, aiming to create 1,000 jobs and ensure the cultivation of 300,000 coffee trees.

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