‘Starbucks Style’: Sign at Aussie Café Sparks Online Outrage

An Australian café has sparked a debate online over a sign that outlines the café’s policy on not serving “Starbucks Style” iced coffees. The sign, posted on social media, states that the café does not offer flavorings, cold brewed coffee, or plastic-served beverages. Instead, customers can expect espresso coffee, ice served with either cold water or cold milk. A customer made a video of the sign and posted it to TikTok, prompting many to debate the right and wrong way to make an iced coffee. Some people were unsure how an iced coffee should be made, while others agreed with the cafe’s stance on not making “Starbucks style” coffees.

The outrage comes as another small business in an affluent Sydney suburb faced controversy over a door sign. A local posted an image of the sign to a local Mosman Facebook group, questioning its “appropriateness.” The debate started online, with most comments supporting the small local business. The author of the post did not receive the reaction they were hoping for, but most of the comments were in support of the small local business.

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