14 Coffee Brands With Unique Flavors

A unique cup of coffee can be found in roasters across the country, producing high-quality beans with a wide range of aromas and flavors. Investigating the origins of the beans, including their elevation and terroir, fermentation and processing, and roasting style, plays a key role in expressing exceptional tastes. To find a coffee brand with unique flavors, start with freshly roasted coffee beans that pack a punch. Some popular brands include Fulcrum Coffee, Black & White, Onyx Coffee Lab, and Canyon Coffee. Fulcrum offers hand-crafted blends, while Black & White specializes in single-origin beans, focusing on natural and washed methods. Onyx Coffee Lab focuses on the highest quality and unique coffee berries, while Canyon Coffee offers colorful bags of coffee. By exploring these brands, you can discover a wide range of unique coffee flavors and elevate your home brewing experience.

Canyon Coffee, founded by Ally Walsh, focuses on certified organic beans roasted in Los Angeles and inspired by Italian and Parisian coffee culture. Their line includes blends from Mexico to Ethiopia, including the Gedeb region in Ethiopia, which offers sweet notes of honeyed peaches and persimmons. Bows Coffee Roasters, located in British Columbia, offers a mix of washed and honey-processed beans, with flavors like shortbread, bourbon sour, and kouign amann. Broadcast Coffee, a Seattle-based brand, roasts beans with balanced and compelling bouquets, with medium roasts offering ripe orchard fruit notes. Stamp Act Coffee offers a selection of single-origin beans with distinct characteristics, such as Tinamit Coop, Martha Liberata Escalante, and San Coffee Peaberry. Heart Coffee Roasters focuses on the beans’ innate flavors, with seasonal blends like Stereo, Ethiopia Danche, Kenya Kiunyu AA, and Phono from Honduras. Dark Horse Coffee Roasters offers a variety of coffee blends, including a blend of pacas cherries from Honduras.

Dark Horse offers a variety of coffee beans with notes of s’mores and watermelon candy. They use naturally fermented pink bourbon beans from Colombia, Brazil — Rio Brilhante, and This is Our Dark Roast. Máquina Coffee produces unique beans with transparency, including Parts & Labor, which combines beans from Brazil, Ethiopia, and Guatemala. High Bank Coffee Roasters offers unique flavors, such as black honey fermented sidra, Ethiopia Neja Fadil, and Felipe Contreras Koji Processed Gesha coffee. Boxcar Coffee Roasters offers a unique blend of coffee beans.

Boxcar Coffee Roasters offers a variety of blends and single varieties, including Bareknuckle Blend, high-elevation, single-varietal landrace from Sidama, Ethiopia, Kenya Kangurumai AA, and Santa Maria, Costa Rica. Sightglass Coffee offers a curated selection of single-origin beans, including medium roasts from Papua New Guinea, Finca Budaulazha from Mexico, Kerchanshe Uraga from Ethiopia, and Finca Santa Cruz, Jose Arguello from Mexico. Brio Coffeeworks, based in Burlington, Vermont, blends single varietal beans with robust flavors, such as Ethiopia Misty Valley, Kenya Kabare Konyu, and Half-Caff from Guatemala.

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