Coffee Shops to Revolutionise Tea Service in the UK?

Tea can significantly increase visitor numbers and profitability in coffee shops, especially with the right tea offering, method of serving, and marketing. In the UK, there are around 5,000 branded coffee shops, with Costa, Starbucks, and Nero being the most prominent. However, 59% of the UK population still drinks tea regularly compared to 63% who regularly drink coffee. This is due to consistent quality, choice, and pleasant social environments.

With nearly parity of tea drinkers to coffee drinkers, coffee chains can encourage more customers into their retail spaces and increase profits in spin-off food and tea. Independent cafes, restaurants, and hotels can benefit from wholesaling high-quality tea, as seen with illy coffee’s Dammann Frères range of teas, fruit, and herbal infusions.

The TEAPY T-4-1 tea making and serving invention, developed by catering company Mosaic Bramall, has been pioneered by Mosaic Bramall at the Stables Kitchen cafe in Stockport. The innovative TEAPY lid for a mug or cup, comprising three patented inventions, allows a complete tea service with mug, teaspoon, milk jug, and optional infuser to be carried safely in one hand.

TEAPY T-4-1 has spread to various foodservice establishments, including Michelin-starred chef Aiden Byrne’s The Church Green, Lymm, Westmorland Family’s motorway service station cafes, and Rheged Discovery Centre near Penrith.

The Westmorland Family has chosen TEAPY’s toughened glass mug, Tritan TEAPY lid, ceramic TEAPY milk jug, and stainless steel infuser to replace their teapot tea service. The TEAPY T-4-1 is designed for the hospitality and catering industries but has also proven popular in homes and offices. It allows customers to control the brew strength to their taste and can be used with tagged or untagged tea bags, loose leaf tea, or other infusions.

The TEAPY T-4-1 takes up to 43% less barista time to prep for counter service or provide a full table service, resulting in fewer breakages, energy in dishwashing, and less storage space. It also offers sustainability and cost benefits. Tate Enterprises, a former manager of Tate Liverpool Art Gallery’s cafe, found the TEAPY T-4-1 a better fit for their busy cafe.

The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FOA) 2022 report highlights the growing popularity of green tea and herbal and fruit teas in different markets, especially in Europe, due to health benefits and innovation. To realize potential increase in coffee shop profits, the total offering of teas and other infusions must be improved and properly promoted. One-way vision window graphics, already used in Costa, Pret, and Eat, could announce a tea revolution to high street, shopping malls, and other coffee shop locations.

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