China’s Yunnan Brews Pour-Over Coffee Using Novel Technologies

At the China (Pu’er) International Coffee Expo in Pu’er, southwest China, over 200 technology companies showcased their new coffee products and production equipment. One of the standout innovations was a 5G cloud intelligent robot designed by China Mobile, which served freshly brewed coffee to visitors. The robot uses 5G Internet of Things for data transmission and can complete the coffee production process from bean extraction, grinding, brewing, and cleaning. With AI technologies, the robot can now perfectly reproduce the coffee made by the Coffee Masters champions.

Yunnan, one of China’s major coffee production areas, had a total coffee cultivation area of 1.27 million mu in 2022 and an annual output of 114,000 tonnes, making a comprehensive output value of more than 41.8 billion yuan. The introduction of advanced coffee production and processing machinery has greatly improved local coffee quality. Li Yulei, sales director of a local coffee production machinery and equipment company in Pu’er, brought a waterless coffee bean husking machine independently designed by his company to the expo. This technology allows the equipment to automatically separate red coffee fruit from green, improving efficiency in producing more high-quality coffee beans.

Liao Xiugui, a coffee manor owner with over 20 years of experience, has recently begun leading local farmers to develop high-quality coffee and purchasing advanced roasting and processing equipment. The new machinery has transformed the approach from “growing coffee” to “growing good coffee.” A Mexican coffee exhibitor expressed hope for more exchanges in the future, highlighting the progress of Chinese coffee, especially Yunnan coffee.

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