Burger Latte Brings Curious Customers to SD Coffee Shop

A local coffee shop in Sioux Falls is introducing a Burger Battle Latte (BBL) as a nod to the city’s annual burger battle. Mary Campbell, Co-owner of The Breaks Coffee Roasting Co., describes the drink as unique and a nod to the city’s annual burger battle. The first-ever Burger Battle Latte “BBL” was created using pickle juice, garlic, and onion seasoning, and a hot and iced version was created. Both versions surprisingly tasted like burgers, with no actual burger in them. The buns come from Look’s Marketplace and the seasoning comes from The Spice & Tea Exchange. Barista Jay Sanchez prepared the two versions, topping each with their mini burger. Two regulars gave their reviews of the drinks, with Clinton Brown describing the cold version as better than anticipated and Jordan Deffenbaugh stating it was great. Although not in the competition, the Burger Lattes gained attention and cost about six dollars depending on which one you get. The shop’s focus on creating a unique and delicious drink has attracted many people to try it.

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