McDonald’s Is Taking On Starbucks With Its Latest Spinoff Restaurant – a Coffee Shop

McDonald’s has opened its newest spinoff restaurant, CosMc’s, in Bolingbrook, Illinois, aiming to be more like a Starbucks with a coffee-shop-inspired menu with exciting food and beverage options. The restaurant is designed with a futuristic space theme, inspired by advertisements from the late 1980s and early 1990s featuring robot characters named CosMc. The menu includes handcrafted and customizable beverages in both coffee and non-coffee varieties, including frappés, iced tea drinks, lemonades, brews, and more.

CosMc’s menu is slightly less coffee-heavy and more focused on fruity, refreshing beverages, with non-coffee options like the Blueberry Ginger Boost and Island Pick-Me-Up Punch. For coffee lovers, there are classic Cappuccino options and a unique Churro Cold Brew Frappé. If these coffee shops succeed, CosMc’s could become a well-known name across the U.S., offering unique blended coffee drinks like the S’mores Cold Brew and non-coffee drinks like the Sour Cherry Energy Burst.

In summary, McDonald’s is entering the specialty coffee chain industry with CosMc’s, aiming to offer a unique and customizable menu with a futuristic space theme. The restaurant’s success could lead to CosMc’s becoming a well-known name in the U.S. for specialty drink lovers.

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