‘It’s a Huge Loss,’ Customers Say After Coffee Chain Closes for Good With No Warning and Just a Sign on the Door

Adda Coffee & Tea House, a beloved Pittsburgh coffee shop, closed all four of its locations in January without any notice, leaving employees and customers stunned. The chain had been operating at a loss since the beginning, which has been exacerbated by the pandemic. Employees said the closure came just days after they informed the owner they had started a union.

The chain is said to have given no warning of the closure other than a sign on its doors and a post on its Instagram page. The statement read: “It is with utmost gratitude for the opportunity we have had to serve you over the past 8 years that we share today that all Adda locations will be closed, effectively immediately.” The closure came as a shock to both customers and employees alike.

Former employee Chris Gratsch noted that the owner had informed workers of the closure on the company’s app around the same time he notified the public. He and his co-workers are hoping to make a strong case with the support from the Pittsburgh community and the timing of the chain shutting down. Customers were also disappointed to hear the news of the sudden closure.

Employee Emma Tobias told WPXI-TV that “Great coffee shop.” Other customers took to the company’s Instagram page to express their feelings on Adda’s closure. They expressed their feelings on the closure, saying that they will miss Adda Coffee shops to find out this is a union busting mess!!!

Adda Coffee was a great place for locals to go for their morning brew or even an afternoon pick-me-up. They typically had themed drinks and events, including a Taylor Swift High Tea Party, a Barbie-themed party, and other assorted drinks and treats for the holidays.

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