“Just Incredibly Sad:” Former Adda Coffee and Tea House Workers Rally in Sharpsburg Following Sudden Closure

Former employees of Adda Coffee and Tea House in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, rallied outside a studio in Sharpsburg after the company closed all its shops shortly after revealing their intent to unionize. Chris Gratsch, a lead barista at the Shadyside store, and his colleagues, who had been unionizing for over a year, were frustrated and lost their jobs. The owner announced the closure over the holidays, assuming there would not be any other route to saving the business. He stated that the decision was solely based on the financial viability of the business and that the timing has been unfortunate.

The employees are demanding a livable severance, to be able to get their belongings, and to ensure PTO is paid out. They feel personally betrayed in some ways, as they have received support from local and state leaders, including Lt. Governor Austin Davis. Davis criticized the company for announcing a closure the day after the workers had organized to form a union. As the days go on, the administration will evaluate what they can and cannot do as an administration.

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