A Coffee Shop Wedding Goes Viral, for the Wrong Reasons

A dispute between a wedding party and a coffee shop in Indianapolis turned into a referendum on wedding etiquette and cultural norms, warped by the distorting lens of social media. Aishat Bolomope and her husband, Opeyemi Akanni, wanted to marry there, but the coffee shop owners refused to approve the wedding. Pop-up or flash weddings have become increasingly popular among young Americans who are embracing more informal and cost-effective wedding options. Some couples hold weddings in parks or other public spaces that don’t charge exorbitant fees. Pop-up weddings can run the risk of unforeseen issues, but not all locations lend themselves to weddings.

Lesley Acevedo officiated a wedding ceremony at Mansion Society, a coffee shop in San Francisco, where a wedding party took over the venue. The couple initially didn’t need to reserve the venue, but after the wedding, they agreed to make a $200 donation to the coffee shop. However, Mr. Barrow demanded $725 due to lost sales, and Ms. Bolomope disagreed, arguing that the fee was unreasonable. The incident spread to social media, with reactions being negative and involving race. Some wedding experts believe the couple should be ashamed and embarrassed. Ms. Bolomope, who never agreed on a fee, is determined to move on from the situation.

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