‘Outrageous’ Tea Recipe Involving Pinch of Salt Draws US Embassy Comment

The special relationship between the G7 countries has been threatened by an American scientist’s claim that Britain’s preferred tea requires a pinch of salt. The US scientist claimed to have found the recipe for a perfect cuppa, which according to Michelle Francl, a professor of chemistry at Bryn Mawr College, is a pinch of salt and energetic squeezing of the teabag. Francl, who has analyzed research papers and ancient texts dating back over 1,000 years, believes that people in the US often use lukewarm water straight from a tap, which is horrific. The US embassy conceded that the controversial recipe had “landed our special bond with the United Kingdom in hot water” and that it was not official US policy to add salt to Britain’s national drink.

The US embassy has reassured the UK that adding salt to tea is not official US policy and never will be. Francl suggests using short, stout mugs to keep tea hotter and pre-heating your mug or teapot to increase the amount of caffeine and antioxidants released, creating vital “aromatic compounds.” She also suggests adding milk after pouring the tea to reduce the chance of curdling and warmed the milk.

To make a perfect cuppa, use larger teabags that allow tea leaves to move around, keeping them in contact with the water. Teabags and loose leaves should be used only once, as the size of the bag really matters, not the shape.

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