Three Tree Coffee’s ‘Coffee &’ Podcast Blends Specialty Coffee With Anti-Trafficking Mission

Three Tree Coffee Roasters is a local coffee company that combines their love for specialty coffee with their humanitarian efforts towards ending human trafficking. Their mission statement is to use specialty coffee to empower farmers, end human trafficking, and engage their local community. Recently, they have achieved success through their ongoing podcast called “Coffee &,” which aims to cultivate freedom for victims of human trafficking by raising awareness during coffee conversations with guests.

The name “Coffee &” comes from the slogan “Coffee &,” which aligns with their goal of mobilizing the community towards ending human trafficking through coffee conversations. The topic of anti-trafficking has been important to Philip Klayman, who and his wife met a victim of human trafficking in 2013, which became a life-changing experience for them. The company’s goal is to help end human trafficking and stand up for those in such situations.

The “Coffee &” podcast started in August 2023 and currently has 17 episodes, with three episodes released per month on Fridays. The podcast also invites guest hosts who bring different perspectives to the anti-trafficking conversation, such as legal, nonprofit, local, and international perspectives. Recent guests include Joey Stazzone, owner of Cafe Kreyol, Lucy McCray from Freedom Story in Thailand, and Dr. Jonathan Grubb, Associate Professor with Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology at Georgia Southern University.

Podcasts provide an opportunity for listeners to learn different ways to help end this global issue. Other episodes delve into basic coffee education and at-home practices for coffee lovers, such as making a good cup of coffee at home, where coffee is grown, and running a coffee shop.

Klayman appreciates the trending medium of podcasts and the opportunity to connect with others and grow. He thanks Kimberly Daly, Christian Davis, Cody Barnes, and all the guests and listeners for their support.

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