More Than Java: SF’s First Indonesian Coffee Shop Celebrates Beans From Every Region

Kopiku, San Francisco’s first Indonesian coffee shop, is a unique initiative by co-owner Adhi Jusuf to connect his homeland with his adoptive nation. Indonesia is one of the top producers of coffee globally, with its 18,000 islands making it ideal for high-quality coffee growing. Jusuf aims to educate consumers about the diverse variety of beans produced in Indonesia’s regions, such as Bali, Aceh, Toraja, and Java.

Kopiku serves coffee beans produced by Beaneka Coffee Roastery, founded in 2019, which supports Indonesian small coffee farmers by cutting out middlemen and buying directly from them at set prices. The company also strives for environmental sustainability, packaging its beans in compostable bags and relying on small-batch electric roasting. Kopiku also donates money towards social causes in Indonesia.

One way Kopiku connects the two worlds is through its pandan lattes, which combine high-quality brew with fragrant aromas of grass, vanilla, and coconut. Amanda Chinitra, the shop’s master of pandan, blends the grassy leaves with water, extracts the liquid, and boils it down with rock sugar.

Jusuf plans to further the connection between Indonesian coffee farmers and customers by putting up a screen in the back of the shop and conducting live video calls between Kopiku and his partner farmers back home. He wants customers to know who grows their coffee and who drinks it, allowing for more meaningful conversations between the two.

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