Las Vegas Coffee Shop Offering Braille Menu

Dig It! Coffee has launched a braille menu to assist customers who are visually impaired or blind. The new menu allows customers to feel the menu rather than just look at it. The coffee shop, known for hiring employees with intellectual disabilities, is now extending this service to customers like Alexis, who is blind. Alexis, who is blind, found the new menu to be a significant change as he usually had to rely on his mother or sister to read the menu. The owner, Taylor Chaney, aims to create an opportunity for customers to be independent and order for themselves. The coffee shop also offers a larger font menu for visually impaired customers and an online interpreter at the cash register for deaf customers at no cost. The Nevada Blind Children’s Foundation helped create the braille menu for the Nevada Blind Children’s Foundation. Chaney hopes that other restaurants will follow suit and offer braille menus to cater to the needs of customers like Alexis.

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