Salt Lake Coffee Shop Eliminates Tipping, Gives Workers Raises Instead

Three Pines Coffee in downtown Salt Lake City is implementing a no-tipping policy to address tipping fatigue among employees. Owner Nick Price believes tipping is outdated and not the best way for employees to earn a living. He abolished tipping and raised his employees’ hourly pay from $8 to $18 per hour. To offset the elimination of tips, Three Pines Coffee raised prices by approximately one dollar per item, with the tip now essentially included in the price displayed on the menu board.

Barista Everett Hamby expressed initial discomfort with the change but appreciates the consistency in his earnings. Customers like Pickle Williams also support the no-tipping policy, as she would prefer to pay a bit more for her coffee to ensure a good wage for baristas. The no-tipping policy has been in effect for about 30 days and Price plans to evaluate its long-term viability over 90 days before deciding if the policy will become permanent. Price expressed anticipation for potential industry-wide changes and looks forward to seeing if other businesses jump on this change.

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