Starbucks Created An All-Purple Menu To Win Over BTS-Obsessed K-Pop Fans In Korea. Here’s Why The Coffee Giant Should Bring The BTS Menu To America.


SEOUL, South Korea — BTS is one of the biggest music industry icons worldwide. The K-pop group earned $57 million in pre-tax income in 2019. It is responsible for a whopping $3.6 billion boost to South Korea’s economy, and it is expected to bring in $37 billion over the next decade, according to the Hyundai Research Institute. The Washington Post reports you can buy BTS-branded Puma track suits, BTS face masks, and even a BTS-themed deck of UNO.

Now, there is finally a BTS menu at Starbucks.

On a recent trip to Starbucks in Seoul, South Korea, the all-purple BTS-branded menu was front and center at the coffee giant. So, I decided to see if Starbucks could match the BTS hype.

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