Scooter’s Coffee Moves Into Old Chicken Run, Crandall’s


Scooter’s Coffee, part of a Nebraska-based coffee shop chain, took over the former Chicken Run location in Middleton.

The shop at 6401 University Ave., is the first Scooter’s in Wisconsin. Scooter’s has 270 stores nationwide, 173 of them outside of Nebraska, said a company spokesman.

The Middleton drive-thru, which opened Dec. 31, is owned by Teri LaBorde and her son, Adam LaBorde. Teri lives in Brodhead, which is 30 miles south of Madison. She said she has family who live in Middleton, but she was born and raised in Brodhead. Adam is based in Omaha.

Scooter’s Coffee serves homemade pastries, breakfast burritos and breakfast sandwiches, and is known for the smiley-face stickers employees put on every drink.

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