I Got The Same Breakfast At Tim Hortons In Canada And Dunkin’ In The US To See How They Stack Up

From: insider.com

If America runs on Dunkin’, Canada runs on Tim Hortons.

Much like Dunkin‘, Tim Hortons is a casual, counter-service spot for coffeebreakfast sandwiches, and pastries that can be found on almost every corner in Canada — with almost 5,000 locations, it’s Canada’s largest restaurant chain  and claims to serve almost eight of every 10 cups of coffee sold in the country.

On a recent trip to Quebec City, I had to see for myself why Timmy’s (as it’s affectionately called by Canadians) is so synonymous with Canada — as well as how it stacks up to its US counterpart.

Both are counter-service spots, and have a primarily beige and orange color scheme with lots of ads on the walls. Neither particularly screams “stay a while,” in my opinion.

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