Companion Or Motivator: Know What Coffee Means To Indian Millennials


We belong to a caffeinated population, where a cup of coffee is the go-to beverage. Especially among the Indian millennials, this morning beverage provides the right energy that helps to make conversations throughout the day as well as helps them stay focused at work. But to understand this better, Lavazza, the Italian brand did a survey ‘Brewing Conversations’, to gather insights on whether coffee is a ‘companion’ or a ‘motivator’ for Indian millennials and Gen-Z population. Over 3000 young people from across all major Indian cities responded to this survey.

According to the survey, around 50% of the respondents opt for a cup of coffee as the first meal of the day. Moreover, a massive 94% of the population prefer coffee during an interview, or in a client meeting. Coffee is also seen as a beverage to bond, 50% of the respondents prefer to grab a cup of coffee when they catch up with friends after work.

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