New Brand-Strategy Leader Brings Entrepreneurial Energy To Caribou Coffee


Erin Newkirk, who once fueled her entrepreneurial drive at Caribou Coffee outposts, is highlighting “the goodness that’s inherent in Caribou” as the company’s vice president and head of global brand strategy.

Newkirk, who joined Caribou this month, brings more than two decades of marketing and brand-management experience along with her record as a successful entrepreneur and effective strategist to the country’s second-largest coffee chain.

“There hasn’t been a more positive time at Caribou Coffee,” Newkirk said in an interview. “From top to bottom it’s doing really exceptionally well.”

That positive outlook, Newkirk said, stems from Caribou’s continuing pursuit of its mission, “to create day-making experiences that spark a chain-reaction of good.”

Newkirk’s brand-management career began at General Mills, after earning an MBA at the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University.

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