How To Buy Premium Coffee at Trader Joe’s


More than half of the American population enjoys a cup of coffee every day. Whether you’re buying it straight from your favorite roasting company, online, at the coffee shop by the office, or from your grocery store, we can argue that it would probably be cheaper and simpler if you just bought it at Trader Joe’s. But there’s one problem, especially for grocery store coffee newbies: How do you find Trader Joe’s coffee that isn’t bitter, bland, or already stale?

Debbie Wei-Mullen is the Founder and CEO of Copper Cow Coffee, a Vietnamese Pour Over coffee startup. They sell individual pour-over sachets for a fresh brew every morning, and they also have naturally flavored coffees (like Churro and Lavender). But if you’re in the market for a whole bag instead of individual servings, Wei-Mullen set the record straight with us on how to find premium coffee at a grocery store like Trader Joe’s.

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