United Food Group, Inc. Launches Coffee Mate® Branded Perfect Servings® Program

From: finance.yahoo.com

United Food Group, Inc (UFG) a privately-held, dry powder mixing, packaging and dispensing equipment company will soon be rolling out a Perfect Servings® Coffee mate® branded program. The Perfect Servings® coffee condiment dispenser will soon be able to deliver Coffee mate® Original and Coffee mate® French Vanilla Creamer in conjunction with its line of sweeteners to all their coffee customers.

UFG’s Perfect Servings® portion-controlled condiment dispenser was launched 18 years ago at the request of a convenience store owner. In an effort to address control cost and ensure customer access to creamer and sweetener, UFG developed the Perfect Servings® dispenser. Since its launch, Perfect Servings® dispensers have become part of the coffee counter planogram.

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