The 16 Best NYC Coffee Shops for Working Remotely

The pandemic has altered the way many New Yorkers work now, and possibly for the foreseeable future. Prior to 2020, the freelance and remote workforce was already sizable, and it is now even larger. Fortunately, there are numerous charming coffee shops throughout town that provide ample seating, working outlets, public printers, and reliable Wi-Fi for remote workers.

While many beloved neighbourhood coffee shops were forced to close during the pandemic, a few remained open. Some courageous residents even opened coffeehouses in the midst of the chaos, ushering in a new era of fledgeling businesses eager to prove their worth. When you need to get out of your apartment and get some work done, check out these 16 work-friendly NYC coffee shops—no Starbucks or Gregorys here.

Black Cat Coffee

If you’re going to spend the entire day sitting on your buttocks, at the very least leave your apartment. Black Cat infuses Lower Manhattan’s coffee scene with a cosy, cabin-like atmosphere, where visitors can borrow board games, peruse a selection of books, print the most recent version of their resumes, and—most importantly for freelancers, study groups, and anyone else in need of a work-friendly hideaway—sink into comfortable sofas for as long as they need.

Club de Livres

This independent bookstore, which opened just months before the pandemic began, doubles as a quiet coffee shop during the day and a cosy bar at night. Book Club is retro—a reader’s haven illuminated entirely by lamps—but not out of date. Beyond the barstools is a reading room with armchairs and work tables, followed by a patio for en plein air work. Guests without a password can access Book Club’s WiFi throughout the day; just finish your work before 7 p.m., when the shop begins prohibiting laptops and preparing for evening events.

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