The Caffeine Scene: Try a Gryffindor latte and admire local art at this Halloween café

A town as dedicated to Halloween as Hanover would be incomplete without a café such as Ghouls and Grinds.

While there are no cobwebs suspended from the ceiling or eerie music playing in the background, this coffee shop incorporates the spooky theme through creative beverages and locally crafted artwork.

Scary films, ghost stories, and hauntings are all part of the fun for owner Amber Mitchell and her barista team, whose mother owns one of Hanover’s most haunted homes.

Amber Mitchell, owner of Ghouls and Grinds, poses for a photo with her fiancée Martin Horn on Tuesday, August 6, 2019. Horn is a graphic designer who designed the signage for the shop.

Amber started her business three years ago as a way to combine her passions for coffee and art with her favourite holiday.

Martin Horn, her fiancée, has been creating art for years and has stated that his work is not always “socially acceptable.”

“Many people have been told that their artwork will not necessarily fit elsewhere, in a socially acceptable box,” Horn explained.

However, the two of them want Ghouls and Grinds to be a venue for that type of art to be showcased — particularly by local artists.

Additional information about Ghouls and Grinds: Fulfilling a ‘life dream,’ a Hanover resident opens a Halloween-themed coffee shop and art gallery

The interior space is charming, and the décor is a perfect representation of the Halloween theme.

The walls are adorned with works by local artists, including paintings, prints, and even a skateboard or two.

Another wall features framed and hung copies of front page news clips, including stories about Frankenstein and — my personal favourite — the London Daily Post’s Jack the Ripper.

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