Pret raises the price of its coffee subscription by 25%

Pret a Manger is increasing the price of its coffee subscription service to £25 per month, sparking outrage among some customers. The High Street chain stated that costs for ingredients and staff were increasing, and that VAT was about to increase again.

Previously, subscribers paid £20 per month for up to five “barista-prepared” drinks per day. However, others maintained that the subscription was still reasonably priced.

The 25% price increase will take effect on Thursday for new subscribers and on 16 March for existing subscribers.

Pret launched the subscription service in an attempt to recoup revenue lost during lockdowns. It generated initial excitement on social media, but some customers complained that popular drinks were not always available, and former Pret employees claimed that the scheme’s popularity had left some employees feeling overwhelmed by their workload.

“Since we launched the Pret coffee subscription in 2020, prices for ingredients such as coffee beans and milk have increased, VAT has increased to 20%, and we’ve invested in additional pay for Pret Team members,” a Pret spokesperson said.

“We believe that the coffee subscription service continues to provide exceptional value.”

However, Twitter user Sam Anton stated that “this is intolerable.” Prices cannot be increased unilaterally, even more so when the quality of produce deteriorates. I’m going to cancel my subscription. Disappointing.”

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