Beer flights aren’t the only type of flights offered at Lost Shoe Brewing & Roasting Company as coffee flights become more trendy

Numerous breweries offer flights that allow customers to sample a variety of beers. However, Lost Shoe Brewing & Roasting Company’s flights are not limited to beer.

“We have these absolutely stunning flight boards that were handcrafted by the owner’s father,” said Katie Savluk, general manager of the brewery. “As a result, we had to transport them to the coffee side.”

The Marlborough brewery offers two seasonal coffee flights, hot or iced.

Lost Shoe offers a single origin espresso, flavoured latte, gingerbread chai, and nitro cold brew during the winter. Peppermint and maple latte flavours are available.

Summer seasons have featured a cold brew lemonade, and the upcoming spring season will feature a coffee infused with their renowned lavender syrup.

These flights are alcohol-free. However, this makes them ideal for non-drinkers, a growing trend in the United States, Savluk explained.

“Especially if you’re not a drinker but are socialising with those who are, you get to try something that’s also enjoyable,” she explained.

Coffee flights are not a Lost Shoe speciality. It’s a growing trend throughout the country.

Over the years, coffee shops from New York to California have embraced the trend. And, while New England has a plethora of options, the trend is not widespread in Massachusetts.

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