Nespresso Vertuo Next review: Pod coffee that makes you feel like a barista

Nothing beats heading to your neighbourhood café and grabbing a cup of coffee.

However, that instant pick-me-up can come at a significant cost over time – with Australians spending an estimated $3 billion on coffee each year.

Nespresso is a household name in the coffee industry – and one of its latest machines, the Vertuo Next, appears to strike a balance between producing high-quality coffee and remaining financially viable.

How can I obtain it and how much will it cost?
Vertuo Next machines, pods, and the milk frother are all available online or at Nespresso stores.

Additionally, electronic retailers such as JB Hi-Fi stock the Nespresso Vertuo Next. Vertuo Next and a milk frother are available for $229 on the Nespresso website.

Who is it beneficial to?
The Vertuo Next is a breeze to use, offering a wide variety of coffee options and brewing a cup of coffee quickly. Within five minutes, you could have a cup of coffee at your fingertips that is comparable to what you would pay $4 for at your neighbourhood coffee shop.

My only complaint is that there are so many different error codes that appear.

Cleaning the machine is simple, but when an orange light blinks followed by a white light blinks, it’s easy to become confused about what the machine wants.

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