Costa Coffee Valentine’s Day menu 2022: full list of food and drinks in UK stores, including Cupid Cooler

Costa has added a new drink called the Cupid Cooler to its Valentine’s Day menu.

The iced beverage is a raspberry and Belgian chocolate concoction that will be available only until Thursday, 17 February.

Additionally, an exclusive edition of the drink is available, which includes squirty cream, strawberry pieces, and additional chocolate sauce.

A small Cupid’s Cooler is £3.60 without additions, while a medium is 30p more at £3.90.

Each flake or marshmallow will cost an additional 50p.

Costa’s other traditional cooler flavours include mango, passionfruit, and red summer berries.

Additionally, a gingerbread Love Bear is on the Valentine’s Day menu.

The adorable biscuit is shaped like a bear and features a small red heart in the centre.

It costs £2 and is vegan-friendly.

The new merchandise is available in-store and online. Customers can place orders through the Costa app, which is available for free download on smartphones.

Costa is also capable of delivering the goods, but only in certain areas. Verify that your local Costa offers this service.

Users of the app can collect “coffee beans” each time they purchase a beverage, and collecting eight of these will earn them a free beverage. Costa is also available through Deliveroo, UberEats, and Just Eat – but ordering through one of these food delivery services will incur a delivery fee.

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