Flavour journey: rare beans from Panama arrive to delight coffee connoisseurs

From Panama to the Sunshine Coast, one of the world’s most exclusive coffees has made its way. Planet Organic in Coolum has roasted two batches of Geisha coffee beans. Mike Reilly, production manager, stated that they were fortunate to obtain some of the rare beans.

Each year, a single small crop is harvested, and beans are auctioned to suppliers for up to $1000 per 400g. “Having some here is quite unique,” Mr Reilly explained. Geisha coffee boasts a “massive flavour palette.”

We were looking for something unique to add to our coffee line, and thus began our search. “It was fortunate timing that one of our major suppliers had a very small quantity of it… which we were able to secure. Apart from its rarity, this is an exceptional cup of coffee.”

Even those accustomed to drinking high-quality coffee report a noticeable difference. It has a massive flavour palate and is incredibly smooth. A café in Melbourne sells it for more than $100 per cup, indicating that it is high-quality coffee. Planet Organic sells it in a premium 200g whole bean bag series.

“Those who appreciate good coffee are familiar with Geisha, and I believe we’ll attract a few coffee enthusiasts,” Mr Reilly explained. They’re charging $69.95 per bag. According to Mike Reilly, the coffee is “expensive but well worth it.

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