Does it make a difference which coffee pod you use?

If you received a pod coffee maker as a holiday gift, your mornings will be more enjoyable than ever. At the touch of a button, you can quickly brew one steaming-hot cup of coffee and be fully caffeinated and awake in minutes. You don’t even need to clean a carafe because the coffee is brewed directly into your mug.

However, you may be wondering whether it matters which coffee pod you use. Yes, in a nutshell!

The operation of a pod coffee maker
Coffee brewing requires only two ingredients: water and coffee. In a nutshell, a pod coffee maker circulates extremely hot — but not boiling — water through a pod containing a single serving of coffee grounds. Water passes through the grounds, extracting flavour and colour and filling your cup with coffee.

Significant determinants of coffee pod quality
Two critical factors influence the quality of a coffee pod:

Coffee grind size: The size of the coffee grounds has a significant effect on the flavour. The coarser your coffee is ground, the faster hot water can flow through the grounds. If they are too large, the coffee will be sour. On the other hand, if the grounds are ground too finely, the coffee will taste bitter. The trick is to locate a pod that contains freshly ground coffee beans.

Freshness: Coffee beans lose flavour the moment they are ground. This is unavoidable. All you can do is check the expiration date and use airtight pods.
Not every coffee pod is the same.

Apart from grind size and packaging, coffee pods can vary significantly in a few other critical ways. Each pod contains between 7 and 12 grammes of coffee. More grounds equates to a stronger cup of coffee. Additionally, not all coffee pods are identical in size. Ascertain that the pods you purchase will work with your machine.

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