This Geeky Coffee Tool Can Help You Brew Better Coffee

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: great coffee begins with the beans. While there is more to it than that, the coffee bean is what converts water to sweet, sweet coffee. No matter how good a coffee grinder you purchase, the grounds will not be perfectly uniform, resulting in fines, the dusty residue in your grounds, and boulders, those large chunks of ground coffee. The sweet spot, otherwise known as the grounds that are precisely the right size for your prefered brewing method, must be isolated. This is where a coffee sieve is useful. Here’s what you need to know about this nerdy coffee tool, as well as a few to try.

What Is the Purpose of a Coffee Sieve?
Coffee sieves are essentially devices that sift ground coffee to separate the fines and boulders, respectively. If you’ve ever sifted flour, a coffee sieve works similarly. You want to minimise outliers in your grounds because fines contribute to muddier flavours and boulders contribute insufficient flavour. As a result, having varying-sized coffee grounds can diminish the potential of the final brew.

Are Sieves for Coffee Necessary?
A coffee sieve will not help you if you are using old beans, and it will certainly not help if you have not mastered all other aspects of your brewing. The primary concern is selecting the appropriate grind size for your brewing method, whether that’s a coarse grind for your French press or a medium-coarse grind for pour-overs. Even a high-end grinder will produce grounds that are not perfectly uniform, and the sifter will prevent them from being used in the brewing process. The coffee sieve may even be beneficial if you use a blade grinder for coffee (rather than the more widely accepted burr grinder), as blade grinders are notorious for producing coarsely ground coffee beans.

While most coffee drinkers will not notice a difference between sifted and unsifted grounds, those who care about the flavour of their coffee will notice a difference. We recommend purchasing a coffee sifter if you are a true coffee connoisseur or are attempting to become one. Additionally, if you’ve already purchased all of the other essentials for brewing coffee, a coffee sieve would be a worthwhile purchase. With a sieve, you may finally obtain a coffee that matches all of the flavour descriptors on the bean bag.

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