Pour-Over Coffee Fans Will Love This New Coffee Maker

Three devices come to mind when it comes to pour-over coffee brewing: the Chemex, the Kalita Wave, and the Hario V60. While those are not the be-all and end-all of pour-over coffee brewers, they have unquestionably cornered the market. However, a new pour-over dripper has arrived in town — one that may be able to compete with those legacy brewers.

What is the Best Coffee for Pour-Overs?
The new Steadfast coffee brewer is a leather-wrapped stainless steel pour-over dripper designed by Hyunjun Kim, the co-founder of South Korean coffee company Nothin Coffee. The interior of the Steadfast dripper is lined with 32 ridges of varying widths that become thicker towards the bottom of the dripper.

The ridges were designed to aid in increasing the flow rate of water, allowing it to reach the bottom of the grounds more quickly. Its oval-shaped base (as opposed to the conical shape of the Chemex or the flat base of the Kelitta Wave) features a single hole in the centre, which Kim discovered to be optimal for brewing consistently good coffee.

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