Quintal Coffee’s Mission to Deliver the Freshest Cup of Joe

Which would you rather have? A previously frozen fillet of grilled swordfish? Or how about a fillet of grilled swordfish that was caught, cleaned, and grilled the same day? While seafood lovers will agree that frozen seafood is fine, nothing beats a piece of fish straight from the water.

Quintal’s Method of Action Raising Awareness to Repair Broken Systems
The same concept holds true for coffee. Getting the best coffee beans and coffees from roasters across the country has never been easier thanks to the numerous online coffee subscription services available. However, if you ask a native of Columbia or Guatemala (two of the world’s leading coffee-producing countries), they’re likely to have a different opinion of the coffee available in the United States.


On the stairwell, Otto Becker and Eduardo Umaa of Quintal Coffee are seated.
They’re likely to say that, while the coffee is excellent and there are numerous roastmasters dedicated to crafting the perfect cup, it’s not quite the same as back home. This is because they are endemic to the source. It is grown, roasted, and sold locally, circumventing the coffee supply chain entirely. As a result, the majority of us in the United States have never had a cup of coffee like this.

“We enjoyed the coffee we brought from home, but when it ran out and we needed to purchase here, we chose the best roasters.” It was tasty, but it didn’t taste like home.” — Eduardo Umaa, Quintal Coffee Co-Founder

The average coffee drinker is unaware of the lengthy process coffee undergoes before it reaches our mugs on a daily basis. Following the growing and harvesting phases, coffee undergoes at least five additional phases throughout the supply chain. It is then hulled, dried, packed, bulked, and roasted — all at unpredictable temperatures and humidity levels. If the coffee is blended rather than single origin, you can add another step.

Each stage of this coffee lifecycle adds another year to the coffee bean’s age and degrades it further. That is not to say that we in America drink bad coffee. Nonetheless, it’s critical to recognise that the advertised “fresh” cup of coffee is anything but. It’s logical. Consume anything with an expiration date as soon as possible.

The New Creators
Therefore, what is the point? What are we in the United States supposed to do about it — revolutionise the coffee industry? While it may appear impossible, two gentlemen are attempting to accomplish this for us.

Quintal Coffee was founded by Otto Becker and Eduardo Umaa. They are working diligently to provide us with the freshest, most delectable coffee they grew up drinking. Becker, a fifth-generation Guatemalan coffee farmer, and Umaa, a Columbia native, have spent their entire lives in the coffee business. They first introduced us to VAC, a coffee brewing system that utilises air to create sweeter, more balanced hot and cold brew coffee in just four minutes. However, they have not ended there.

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