Instant Pot’s coffee maker is one of the most innovative — and it’s on sale

If you don’t already own one, you’re likely familiar with Instant Pot’s pressure cookers and air fryers. However, have you heard of the brand’s revolutionary Instant Dual Pod Plus coffee maker? It brews the perfect cup of coffee using K-cups, Nespresso original capsules, and reusable coffee pods (for ground coffee). And it’s currently on sale.

The Instant Dual Pod Plus is currently $20 off on Amazon, and it’s worth every penny even without the discount.

The compact machine features six one-touch buttons for brewing espresso in two-ounce, four-ounce, and six-ounce cups, as well as coffee in eight-ounce, ten-ounce, and twelve-ounce cups. Additionally, it includes a large 2-liter water reservoir on the back, which eliminates the need to refill it daily.

The greatest advantage of the Instant Pod, however, is the variety of coffee options available. You can use your favourite K-cup flavour or brew your own latte using a Nespresso espresso capsule. Additionally, you can help the environment by filling reusable pods with ground coffee or even loose tea leaves.

Coffee options are virtually limitless. Purchase it while it is on sale and you will not be disappointed.

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