Coffee Brand Opens Showroom In Southport

Bald Head Coffee, based in Southport, is on a mission to bring its coffee to the people.

When owner and CEO Steve Lewis founded Bald Head Coffee over a year ago – in the midst of the pandemic – the company’s beverage products were only available online. However, as demand for its small-batch, roasted-in-the-Carolinas coffees increased, Lewis expanded sales to a variety of small retail outlets throughout the area.

Coffee enthusiasts can now visit the company’s headquarters at 1433 N. Howe St. in Southport to pick up online orders and sample the brews, which Lewis described as designed to “create a memorable coffee experience for our guests.” For the time being, the “coffee showroom” will be open on the fourth Friday and Saturday of each month (excluding holidays). Customers may also schedule an appointment to shop for private-label coffees and teas from Bald Head Coffee.

“I’ve been in the industry for more than 30 years, but I wanted to establish a presence in this market,” Lewis explained. “We began solely online and quickly expanded, to the point where we now sell at the Sunset Beach, Southport, and Oak Island farmers markets during the season, in addition to selling to several stores and businesses from here to Raleigh.”

The Mermaid Cove on Oak Island, Coastal Cottage, the Pearl, Southport Market, and the North Carolina Maritime Museum in Southport, the Maritime Market on Bald Head Island, and Blue Moon Gift Shops in Wilmington are just a few of the retail locations carrying Bald Head Coffee’s products. Additionally, Bald Head Coffee is expanding its mobile service.

“We are currently building an espresso cart,” Lewis explained. “That will begin in May or June. We’re already booked for wedding receptions, corporate events, and possibly real estate agents hosting a community’s grand opening. We’d bring it to the customer, regardless of whether it’s a block party.”

Lewis is also committed to community engagement and giving back to the community, having donated to organisations such as The Old Baldy Foundation, the Sea Turtle Conservancy, efforts to keep local waterways clean, hospitals, and public safety agencies.

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