The Greek “Mocha Coffee” Family at the Forefront of Australian Coffee History

Greek immigrants, known for their strong work ethic and entrepreneurship, have played a significant role in Australian coffee history. The Mannassis “Mocha Coffee” Family, founded in 1958 in Sydney’s inner-west Newtown, has been at the forefront of Australian coffee history, delivering a unique and in-demand coffee range through a labor of love and craftsmanship. The family’s expertise has led to the appointment of their son Paul Mannassis as Chief Coffee Judge for the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show, a part of the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW.

John and Irene Mannassis, who opened the deli ‘The Olympos’, introduced roasted coffee to many loyal clients and blended it to suit individual preferences. With the introduction of home grinders, Mocha Coffee was established. The first irresistible roast, a blend of natural Brazilian Arabica, Colombian supremo, and genuine Guatamalan Antigua, was roasted for restaurant consumption in 1987. Mocha freshly roasted specialty coffees began appearing throughout greater Sydney cafés and restaurants.

The family sources their coffee from smaller scale ethical, sustainable farmers worldwide, who rely on coffee as their main source of income. Mocha Coffee is now in its third generation, with 84 years combined coffee expertise in every roast. Consistency, reliability, and personal service have seen the business continue to expand in the face of increasing competition. The family is grateful to their loyal customers and those who love and appreciate their coffee.

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