Decades-Old Coffee Shop in San Francisco Listed for Sale on Craigslist

Muddy Waters, a 34-year-old coffee shop in San Francisco, is up for sale at $75,000 on a real estate website and Craigslist. Co-owner Hisham Massarweh hopes an interested buyer will continue to run the business as is, but cannot guarantee it. Massarweh, who opened Muddy Waters in 1990, believes it’s time to hand the business to someone more energetic and is looking ahead to retirement. The new bike lanes on Valencia Street have been a headache for bikers and business owners alike, as they have not created parking spaces for deliveries, affecting business. The building has also been the target of repeated vandalism and break-ins, with burglars breaking into Muddy Waters last year and taking away its register and ATM. The cafe has struggled to gain momentum since the pandemic, and Massarweh believes it’s difficult to let go of something that has been nurtured for years. The city has not taken consideration for businesses, as they have not created parking spaces for deliveries.

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