Black-Owned Coffee Shop in Baltimore Serves Up Cultural Experience With Each Sip

Black Acres Roastery, a Black-owned coffee shop in East Baltimore, is rooted in Black history and serves more than just coffee. Owner Travis Bell, a fan of Spike Lee’s film company, ’40 Acres and a Mule’, believes the name comes from the farming aspect of Black acres, plots of land in the south intended for reparations. The shop aims to change the ordinary café experience by roasting and sourcing beans from Africa and South America since 2018, and opening a second location in Lexington Market. With a huge contract with Trader Joe’s, the shop is in 60 stores across the Mid-Atlantic. Bell’s career change from occupational therapy to travel therapy led to the idea of creating an oasis for coffee enthusiasts while serving up Black history with every sip. He believes that every coffee can be roasted in a different way, ensuring that people still enjoy the end product.

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