Omaha Community Working to Save Coffee Shop Founded by Veteran

Green Beans Coffee, a coffee shop in Bellevue, Illinois, serves memories for those who served, including U.S. military veteran Hannah Diediker. Rhonda Robinson, who touches her husband’s dog tag on a memorial honoring fallen heroes, feels pride when walking by the shop. The memorial is part of the décor, splashed with a heavy patriotic flavor inside and out.

Rhonda is now on a mission to help Green Beans Coffee survive a financial fight. The shop was started by Sgt. John Sievers, who died from COVID two years ago. Operations manager Amber Ford is helping John’s wife carry on, but the current economy brings higher minimum wage and higher costs of goods. Rhonda Robinson started a GoFundMe page to help Amber meet expenses.

Green Beans Coffee opened years after her husband’s death, but Rhonda believes he would have enjoyed the coffee and conversation found here. She volunteers for the front lines of fundraising to keep Green Beans Coffee open and its motto alive: Honor First, Coffee Second.

Economic factors forced Green Beans Coffee to close its other location in Bellevue. The GoFundMe has raised $2,800 so far, with nearly all of the money used to meet expenses at the shop’s original location.

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