360F Specialty Coffee Roasters in Coral Springs: Try Geisha Coffee, One of Most Sought-After Coffee Varieties in the World

Geisha, a highly sought-after specialty coffee variety, has gained worldwide recognition for 20 years. Originating from the Geisha region of Ethiopia, it has developed naturally over generations without human intervention. Its expansion to Costa Rica and Panama has fueled consumer demand for Geisha. Today, Geisha is considered a variety rather than an heirloom crop, with humans intentionally cultivating it to retain its desired genetic traits, particularly its unique flavor profile.

Geisha coffee has a tea-like body and complex fruity and floral flavors, which are influenced by factors like region, climate, terroir, and processing method. Its signature profile is complex, with layered flavors of citrus fruit, florals, and jasmine. Geisha can be grown anywhere along the Bean Belt, but producers will see varying levels of success due to factors such as terroir. Colombia has become a prominent Geisha origin in recent years, leading many World Barista Championship competitors to highlight its potential on the global stage.

Geisha can be grown in Colombia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, and Panama, all producing high-quality coffee. The variety showcases its terroir well, but also has its own distinct qualities, such as expressing a signature combination of floral, citrus, and stone fruit characteristics. Factors like elevation, soil quality, microclimate, temperature, and rainfall play a key role in producing high-quality coffee.

You can find this sought-after variety at 360F Specialty Coffee Roasters in Coral Springs.

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