Coffee Shops Are Bringing People Together Across Central Florida

Joshua Leon, a cafe consultant, believes that coffee is not just a sweet caffeine boost but also a conversation starter and warm cup of courage. He shares his expertise at shops across the country, each serving its own unique flare. Susana’s Café in Kissimmee offers coffee from Costa Rica, bringing a taste of South and Central America to Central Florida. The café’s owner, Susana Martinez, is from Ecuador and serves coffee from Costa Rica, while the kitchen team is from Venezuela. They offer a pour-over option using handmade clay coffee brewers called Vandolas, which allows the coffee to slowly drip.

The coffee industry has rapidly changed post-COVID, with more coffee shops opening and those already open upping their game to attract locals out of isolation. “But First… Coffee” in Orlando is one of these establishments, featuring local roasters from Colombia, Nicaragua, Peru, El Salvador, Kenya, Leatherback, One Off, and Cupa Coffee. They are particular about presentation and latte art.

Ethan Lenz, owner of Filigree Coffee in Winter Garden, shares a space with Home State Brewing Company and focuses on filling cups with flavor. The menu includes traditional Italian espresso drinks and seasonal items like a Mexican Chili Coquito Latte. The focus is on the quality of the coffee served and how it is presented.

Three shops, three different styles, all work toward a common goal of creating coffee that curates conversations. Lenz loves the idea that coffee brings people together, allowing them to enjoy the environment, relax, and drink a cup of coffee and talk with friends. Leon believes that every time you walk into a coffee shop, you can create a support group for yourself.

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