Atlanta Business Owner Claims Movie Production Is Hurting His Coffee Shop

Café Lucia, located at Walton Street and Forsyth Street in downtown Atlanta, is facing a potential loss of $3,500 due to a movie production set to take place on February 22. ABC Signature LLC, a film company, will be setting up a base camp outside the business, shutting down sidewalk and street traffic for three days. The filming will involve camera crews, 12 trucks, cranes, and equipment. Owner David Jackson, who has experience with 120 to 150 movies, believes that the impact of the film will make people reluctant to visit and deal with the riffraff.

Jackson claims that production companies typically compensate for any sales loss due to the shoot, either through an upfront fee or by purchasing services from his business. However, this production is going out of their way and they are denying any impact on the business or the economy. Jackson has not received any compensation for his lost business, and he believes that a set fee could be the best solution.

The City of Atlanta notified Jackson with a letter, and Atlanta News First reached out to the city, The Georgia Film Office, and the ABC production team to see what they are doing to ensure local businesses like Café Lucia aren’t impacted by the productions. None have responded with an official statement.

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